Speed, Timing and Firearms Manipulations

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“I’ve never seen a stop watch in a gunfight” ~ Clint Smith

I think the jist of this statement is that in a real life-or-death situation, victory is not decided by “points” or the reading of a stopwatch as in shooting games, but that should not make anyone think that timing and speed aren’t critical elements in determining who prevails in a violent encounter.  The purpose of this note is to discuss what “fast” is, what makes someone “fast” and how to become “faster” with your firearm.  In keeping with the cornerstones of our training doctrine, I will talk about “speed” as it relates to mindset, mechanics and marksmanship.


MINDSET:  Speed in mindset isn’t necessarily how fast you can think… it’s more about how aware you are when bad things aren’t happening.  When you actually “see” your environment rather than just “looking” at it, you … Read More »

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