“Competent” Firearms Instruction

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Once people pass that difficult mental threshold of “possession-equates-to-competence,” and realize that they would benefit from some formal, professional firearms training, the difficult task of selecting good instruction begins.  Being somewhat of a connoisseur of firearms training,  here is my $.02 on the matter:


 The Perception

It is true, over the past 200 years the U.S. military has been the premier firearms training school and has turned out generations of excellent shooters, but having received some military firearms training myself during my years as a competitive shooter, and having spent ample time on the firing line with military shooters, my take on pretty much all military training is that it doesn’t really teach new skills as much as help someone bring to the surface skills that they already have deep down inside, usually by repeated applications of something called “suck.”  While … Read More »

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