DIY Shooting Sticks

Posted on December 5th, by Michael in Advice, DIY, Gear, Precision Rifle. 1 Comment

Here’s a quick and cheap way to make yourself some really good shooting sticks.  Start with 3 fiberglass driveway markers from the local hardware store.  These sticks are 4-foot long and approximately 1/4″ in diameter.  They are available at the local hardware store for about $2.00 each usually.

You also need some duct tape, preferably camouflage, and some cloth camouflage tape.  I like the Allen Company cloth camo tape, available on Amazon.  I use this type of cloth tape because the ligature will slide on it easily.

…and 36-inches of paracord.

Start by unrolling a 48″ length of the duct tape, lay it sticky side up next to one of the sticks…


…and roll it all the way around the stick keeping it as smooth and even as you can…


…until the stick is completely covered.  This layer of tape helps to camouflage the sticks if … Read More »

AAR: Thunder Ranch High Angle Rifle II

Posted on December 3rd, by Michael in AAR. 4 comments

This post is meant to be a review of the High Angle Rifle 2 class I attended at Thunder Ranch in November of 2013, but the journey itself, as travel often does, offered a few life perspectives worth sharing, so you’ll have to pardon my indulgence in a few philosophical wanderings along the way.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Thunder Ranch is a world-class training facility nestled in over 800 acres of Oregon’s “Outback” near Lakeview.   The topography and location make it a perfect spot for testing your gear and skill against long distances and changes in altitude.   Thunder Ranch is owned and operated by Clint and Heidi Smith, who are some of the finest people you’d ever want to meet.

This trip marks the 7th time I’ve trained at Thunder Ranch, which might give you some indication of what I think … Read More »

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