Keep Calm and Other Bad Advice

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“No enemy is worse than bad advice.” ~Sophocles

Today was one of those interesting days when I got to watch several people under the guise of authority give a bunch of other people really bad advice.   Bad advice is reaching epidemic proportions in this country.   Thanks to the miracle of social media, every nut job with an opinion and a keyboard is out there pounding away with all sorts of recommendations on what to eat, how to sleep, who to sleep with, how to defend yourself and your freedom, how to exercise, and who’s advice you should or shouldn’t take.

For Example:

Bad Advice Example #1: “Stay calm”

We all know that panic is an unhealthy physical state that leads to irrational behavior, high blood pressure, excessive levels of stress hormones like cortisol, etc…   One of the most common examples of bad advice is … Read More »

Precision Rifle Cases (By Instructor Jeremy Decker)

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A few years ago I picked up an Eagle HSRC (Hybrid Sniper Rifle Carrier) and have used it as the primary way to carry my precision rifle and accompanying gear. Along the way a lot of people checked it out as it’s among the more comprehensive shooting mat/rifle carrying systems on the market. While its not my intent to examine all the possibilities out there, Iwas recently introduced to another option. Fellow instructor Rowland purchased a Deluxe Shooters Mat from Galati Gear. There is no mistaking the similarities between them so I decided to do a little comparison.

The similarities are endless but I’ll list a few things:


The shoulder straps and their placement are the same, as well as how they deploy and fold away.  The zipper has a covering flap on both items and they have garnish ties located in … Read More »

Some recommendations on cleaning equipment…

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Firearms cleaning is a subject that tends to get overcomplicated.  There are a lot of good products out there and a lot of opinions on the best ways to clean, but I’m going to offer my $.02 on the subject.

You may have heard the adage before from someone in the barrel industry that “they’ve seen more barrels damaged by cleaning than by shooting…”   In my experience, this is probably true.  Not from over-cleaning per se,  but from improper cleaning.    That being the case, how does one properly clean their firearm?   Hell if I know,  but here’s how I do it, and it has worked well for me on precision rifles that have thousands of rounds downrange while still maintaining long-range accuracy.  My way isn’t the only way, it may not even be the best way,  it’s just a way that … Read More »

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