Sinister Studies: Serious Scrutiny into Southpaw Shooting (Part V.2)

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We left off on part IV with basic left-handed AR manipulations, but it doesn’t end there, like any semi-automatic firearm, AR’s can sputter, cough or puke occasionally.  The military teaches a malfunction clearance drill called “SPORTS” which is an acronym for:

“Slap” the magazine,

“Pull” the charging handle,

“Observe” the chamber,

“Release” the charging handle,

“Tap” the forward assist and

“Shoot,”   …assuming you have a target that is still a threat.

Many credible instructors consider this flawed, primarily due to the third step; “observe.”  First of all, “observe” only works when you have enough light to see the chamber.   Second, and more importantly, the eyes and visual cortex are tied to the frontal, logical, “thinking” portion of the brain.  The muscles performing the pull and release action, however, perform it by a programmed algorithm that originates in the central, primitive “action” portion of the brain.  We usually … Read More »

Arms and Social Stratification

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In Ancient Greece, the Helots, who were Sparta’s serfs, or state-owned slaves, would receive a stipulated number of beatings every year regardless of any wrongdoing, so that they would never forget they were slaves, and to keep them from raising their heads, they were not permitted to own weapons, moreover, it was written that if any of them even exceeded “the strength and vigor proper to a slave’s condition, the penalty was death.”

In 70 BC, Cicero wrote of a story about a Sicilian Praetor – Lucius Domitius – Who was brought an immense wild boar.  Marveling at the size of the beast, he asked who had killed it.




When he was told it was a shepherd, he ordered the man to be summoned before him immediately. The shepherd came eagerly expecting praise and reward.  When Domitius asked him how he had slain … Read More »

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