Sinister Studies: Serious Scrutiny into Southpaw Shooting (Part VII)

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So far, we have focused on weapon specific techniques, and there’s more of that to come, but let’s take a moment to look at some of the other challenges faced by the left-handed marksman.

Eye Dominance

In over 30 years of shooting, I personally never set much stock by eye dominance – though I have observed its effects in the occasional student.  For some competitive disciplines, eye dominance can be more of an issue for the shooter.  Defensive or combative shooting, like any other martial art, highlights the need to be able to function at least adequately from either side.    Pristine range shooting and stationary shooting activities enable the shooter to close or obscure the non-shooting eye.  For run-n-gun type shooting, a both-eyes-open approach is preferred to help maintain situational awareness, though this can be more difficult for those members of that approximately 1/3 of … Read More »

Sinister Studies Part 6 – серьезному анализу в стрельбе юго перебирали

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After practicing the various malfunction drills on AR’s, some of you are probably thinking about changing weapons to something that has a reputation for more reliability.   In most shooters, this instantly summons a mental image of General Kalashnikov’s contribution to Anglo-Soviet relations.


Ahh, yes… I speak of the venerable AK-47 and its numerous variants and descendants.

The U.S. Operations Research Office had to study over 3 million casualty reports to figure out what General Kalashnikov knew years earlier; that the decisive factor in most battles was volume of fire, rather than precision. This idea was confirmed by the ORO in their 1948 ALCLAD study that concluded most combat kills occurred at 100 meters or less and that accurate, aimed fire in an offensive role did not seem to be any more effective at creating casualties than randomly fired shots. Keep in mind; … Read More »

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