Rifle Recoil Management

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When the Clinton-Era crime bill banned “assault rifle” characteristics on “sporting arms,” it meant no more flash hiders on our semi-autos.  Before that time, the idea of putting a muzzle brake on an AR-15 seemed just silly.  Muzzle brakes were for .300 win mags, not .223’s!   But, those plain, crowned AR barrels just didn’t look right, and since a muzzle brake was the only legal option, that’s what we were stuck with.    Then the “assault weapons” ban sunset in 2004 and we couldn’t wait to take our muzzle brakes off and put real flash hiders back on.    Here we are 10 years later and there’s this huge niche market for AR muzzle brakes, some of them costing over a C-note.    I don’t actually know if these make any measurable difference in .223 recoil, which is already considered a “light recoiling” caliber, but they sure do make the range a noisier … Read More »

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