Scoping the Precision Rifle

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By: Instructor Michael Lake

So you need a scope for your precision rifle and there are just too many confusing options…  let me take a few minutes to help you sort some of this out.  There are a lot of other articles written by a lot of other people covering some of this stuff, albeit partially, so here’s my effort to put some of the information in one place:

Question 1: What do all the numbers mean?

Answer:  The first number or set of numbers refers to optical power, which is measured in units of magnification that, in industry jargon, are referred to as “X.”  A 4X scope magnifies the image 4 times.  In other words, a 10 inch target viewed through a 4X optic would appear the same size as a 40 inch target at the same distance viewed with the naked eye.   Fixed power scopes … Read More »

“Just the Tip…” Why You Should Be Concerned About BATFE’s Attack on M855

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It’s Valentines day and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is up to their old tricks with a proposal to ban the Green Tip Penetrator, commonly available M855 (steel core) ammunition, on the basis that it “has no sporting purpose,” and it “might” be armor piercing, despite previous rulings that the steel core of the M855 did not constitute an armor piercing round.

We need to remember though, the BATFE has a fetish for the “reversed position.” Remember the Akins Accelerator in 2006? pistol grip shotguns in 2010? the Sig Brace? 7N6? and how about that form 1 machine gun that was recently approved for a trust, then immediately disapproved?

These are very important decisions.  The BATFE apparently doesn’t like any shades of grey, and they are going for black and white administrative interpretations of the applicability of existing laws, in essence creating their own new and enforceable laws.  These … Read More »

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