AAR for ADC’s Defensive Carbine Elements Course

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By Defensive Carbine Elements Student Robert K.

July 25-26, 2015
Training Location: Sandusky County Sportsman’s Club
Training day 1: Bright and sunny, high of 86°
Training day 2. Cloudy, high of 90°

Equipment used:
Carbine: AR-15 style (direct impingement) Stag Arms lower, Rock River upper,
Adco firearms 16” mid-length 1/7 5.56NATO 4150 CMV CL barrel
ALG Defense 13” rail,
Mil spec bolt carrier group,
Aimpoint PRO / Troy folding BUIS
White Oak Armament lower parts kit, Geissele SSA trigger,
Magpul ACS mil spec stock, Moe grip and H buffer
Blue Force Gear Vickers two-point sling
Wilderness instructor belt
UW Gear split front chest rig
Maxpedition roly-poly dump pouch
Glock 17, OWB holster
OWB kydex carbine mag pouch
OWB kydex pistol mag pouch
Pmags and GI aluminum 30 round mags
Oakley M-frame sunglasses
MSA Sordin electronic ear protection with Surefire EP3 sonic defenders
PMC 223 55 gr FMJ-BT ammo 1000 rounds

Reasons for taking this course:

In January of 2005, I qualified Expert with … Read More »

To chest rig or not? …for the “citizen carbine operator.”

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So I’m going to try really hard to stay in my lane in this article, as the saying goes. The question at hand: to chest rig or not as a “citizen carbine operator. “ Before anyone freaks out too badly, because I can already sense blood pressures rising from an army of keyboard commandos ready to deal out a tirade of punishing remarks, let me advise you to just chill for a second. Let’s apply some logic and work our way through this, mmmk?

Let’s talk nomenclature first, from back to front: when I say “operator” I realize that in military circles this refers specifically to members of SEAL Team 6 and 1SFOD-Delta. In this article, we’re not talking about them. We’re talking about John Q. Public who owns, and may find occasion to use or “operate” a carbine for defensive … Read More »

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