AAR for ADC’s Close Quarters/Vehicles Class

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By: Kyle Crippen

On the weekend of 29-30 August, 2015, I attended the Defensive Pistol Applications – Close Quarters/Vehicles class instructed by Adaptive Defense Concepts (ADC).  I have been an NRA Instructor for Basic Pistol and Personnel Protection in the Home, as well as a Range Safety Officer for almost 3 years. All of my firearms training was either self-taught or with friends.  Additionally, I have been a Rider Coach for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for the past 15 years, and I was a Subject Matter Expert and Instructor while in the Navy. I note my experience as instructor to show I understand various training disciplines and methods.

I was at a Friends of the NRA dinner in March of 2015, and there was an under bed safe with a gift certificate for an ADC class in the silent auction area. I was … Read More »

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