“Huh..?” How hearing protection works (or doesn’t).

Posted on October 16th, by Michael in Advice, Gear. 3 comments

One day in the late 90’s I went shooting with some friends from work out on a piece of rural property one of them owned a little east of Cincinnati, Ohio. I remember my hearing and eye protection drew a guffaw from one old timer who made some remark to me about just having to “toughen up my ears,” to which I responded “isn’t that called hearing loss?”

I have almost 20 years of professional experience protecting people’s hearing in the workplace. I could go into all kinds of scientific details about the effects of impulse noise on hearing, but that wouldn’t be helping the “too long, didn’t read” crowd – you know who you are. So here’s the quick and dirty version:

There are 2 ways to prevent sound from entering the ear … Read More »

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