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Dear Firearms Training “Community”…

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We don’t need any more posts, videos, articles, memes, epistles, or other complaints about the state of the industry. They were interesting at first, but we have had quite enough of them now, thank you. The shark has been thoroughly jumped. Any additional kicking of the dead horse just makes you sound like a bitter, grumpy, tactical snob… and buddy (and I swear this isn’t targeted at any one person), it doesn’t look good on you.

The English-speaking world already knows that you think there are just too many “firearms instructors”;
too many unqualified posers;
too many wannabe operators;
too many altered DD214’s;
too many “mall ninjas” and “cop-erators”;
too many chairborne rangers;
too many competition shooters teaching tacticool classes;
too many plumbers, and accountants, and engineers teaching “concealed carry” classes;
too many fancy terms for simple techniques;
too many people who have more … Read More »

Surviving restrictive firearms legislation

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For those of you who don’t remember the Clinton-era “assault weapons ban” or weren’t part of the shooting community at that time, this article is for your benefit.  Let’s turn back the clock a few years… 1993 sees Arkansas democrat Bill Clinton elected to the presidency of the USA,  he quickly appoints staunchly anti-Second Amendment Janet Reno as the first female Attorney General.  Thus began one of the bleakest periods in US history for firearms enthusiasts.


Soon after being appointed,  Attorney General Reno initiated a reign of terror on firearms dealers, gun-show promoters, gun collectors and anyone else the government considered “undesirables.”    Keep in mind, several Federal Law Enforcement agencies were already heading down this road, after all, they had just made an example of Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge, Idaho for being an accused “white separatist.”  Federal agents entrapped Weaver … Read More »

Workplace Standards for “Active Shooter” Prevention and Response

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Recently, ASIS International (an international organization for security professionals) and NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) teamed up to talk about writing a standard for “active shooter” prevention and response in the workplace. You can read the notes of their January 19, 2016 meeting online here:

In their statistical analysis, they do note that 13.1% of active killers are successfully stopped by unarmed citizens and 3.1% are stopped by armed citizens, however, the role of the armed citizen is conspicuously missing in their threat assessment and response brainstorming session. Generally speaking, ASIS seems to have a history of being opposed to licensed citizens carrying concealed in the workplace, or even having a firearm secured in their own vehicle on their employer’s premises. Based on this, it is safe to assume that any “workplace safety” standards they are involved in writing, … Read More »

“Just the Tip…” Why You Should Be Concerned About BATFE’s Attack on M855

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It’s Valentines day and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is up to their old tricks with a proposal to ban the Green Tip Penetrator, commonly available M855 (steel core) ammunition, on the basis that it “has no sporting purpose,” and it “might” be armor piercing, despite previous rulings that the steel core of the M855 did not constitute an armor piercing round.

We need to remember though, the BATFE has a fetish for the “reversed position.” Remember the Akins Accelerator in 2006? pistol grip shotguns in 2010? the Sig Brace? 7N6? and how about that form 1 machine gun that was recently approved for a trust, then immediately disapproved?

These are very important decisions.  The BATFE apparently doesn’t like any shades of grey, and they are going for black and white administrative interpretations of the applicability of existing laws, in essence creating their own new and enforceable laws.  These … Read More »

The Top 10 Reasons Why Your Shooting Pics and Vids Suck.

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It’s the gift-giving time of year,  people will be getting and giving firearms, which is a fine tradition and a very exciting thing, particularly for a new shooter.   What inevitably follows are pics and videos posted to social media of trips to the shooting range.  Here are a few tips on what to avoid:

You’re holding it wrong. The biggest problem I see with novice, and even some “experienced” handgun shooters are tea-cup grips, support hand index fingers on the trigger guard, crossed thumbs just waiting to get bitten by the slide and gripping too low.  Here’s how to hold a handgun properly: shooting hand high up on the grip, web of the thumb up in the tang (the curved part of the grip at the top).  The trigger finger should be indexed high on the frame or slide unless … Read More »

Arms and Social Stratification

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In Ancient Greece, the Helots, who were Sparta’s serfs, or state-owned slaves, would receive a stipulated number of beatings every year regardless of any wrongdoing, so that they would never forget they were slaves, and to keep them from raising their heads, they were not permitted to own weapons, moreover, it was written that if any of them even exceeded “the strength and vigor proper to a slave’s condition, the penalty was death.”

In 70 BC, Cicero wrote of a story about a Sicilian Praetor – Lucius Domitius – Who was brought an immense wild boar.  Marveling at the size of the beast, he asked who had killed it.




When he was told it was a shepherd, he ordered the man to be summoned before him immediately. The shepherd came eagerly expecting praise and reward.  When Domitius asked him how he had slain … Read More »

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