Sinister Studies, Serious Scrutiny into Southpaw Shooting (Part 2)

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In the previous article, we addressed basic 2-handed manipulations of common semi-automatic handguns for left-hand dominant shooters.  Now let’s talk about one-handed manipulations specific to the left hand.  As a left or right-handed shooter, who knows which hand you will have to use for this?  For the sake of argument, let’s say that it is the left hand, as right-handed manipulations have been covered more than adequately by other sources.  Keep in mind that this is increasing the level of difficulty, so a corresponding increase of good sense is needed while practicing or executing these moves to prevent injury to yourself or someone else, maybe someone you don’t intend to injure, so…be careful.

Gripping a hand-gun with one hand typically encourages a slight cant (left or right tilt) inward while shooting with the arm extended.  As a lefty, this slight cant … Read More »

Sinister Studies: Serious Scrutiny into Southpaw Shooting (Part 1)

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For the left-handed shooter, aligning the sights and pressing the trigger may look like a mirror-image activity of a right-handed shooter, and physically it may be, but psychologically… well, we’ll get into that later.    The physical firearms manipulations preceding and following the actual act of shooting, however, can be significantly different for the southpaw marksman depending on the type of firearm used.     At the time of this writing, I have been a firearms instructor for about 7 years, but I have been a recreational and competitive shooter for over 30 years.  For almost 20 years I have worked as a full-time industrial safety professional, which has afforded me a great deal of experience with ergonomics and particularly the ergonomics of hand tools.     More appropriate to this article, I have spent almost 4 decades experiencing the full benefits and challenges of … Read More »

Speed, Timing and Firearms Manipulations

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“I’ve never seen a stop watch in a gunfight” ~ Clint Smith

I think the jist of this statement is that in a real life-or-death situation, victory is not decided by “points” or the reading of a stopwatch as in shooting games, but that should not make anyone think that timing and speed aren’t critical elements in determining who prevails in a violent encounter.  The purpose of this note is to discuss what “fast” is, what makes someone “fast” and how to become “faster” with your firearm.  In keeping with the cornerstones of our training doctrine, I will talk about “speed” as it relates to mindset, mechanics and marksmanship.


MINDSET:  Speed in mindset isn’t necessarily how fast you can think… it’s more about how aware you are when bad things aren’t happening.  When you actually “see” your environment rather than just “looking” at it, you … Read More »

What you know and what you think you know

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“The only true wisdom is to know that you know nothing.” ~Socrates


I think anyone who has studied anything with any dedication or depth has probably stumbled across the feeling at one time or another, that you had just penetrated a new level of understanding, and with it came the discovery that your actual knowledge, (which you previously thought was fairly complete), was actually just the tip of the iceberg.


The more dedicated and studied you became in that subject, the more you discovered just how much you didn’t know.

I bring this up because recently,  a friend of a friend cited something called the “Dunning – Kruger effect”  and, not being familiar with the term, I decided to research it.


By definition, the Dunning-Kruger effect refers to:  “a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much … Read More »

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