Scoped Rifle Elements +


We’ve had a few requests for a class that’s between Element and Applications so here it is. It will start with conformation of zero’s and move into odd ranges. What’s your dope to hit an MOA target at 45 yards? This class will get you those answers. We move into odd positional shooting as the world isn’t always flat and many things can turn into a rifle rest. Many of the scoped rifle shooting competitions will have you shoot from odd spots and we will dive into them. Building upon this new-found confidence, you will be surprised how good prone supported will feel. There will be some classroom, but mostly range time and time to record the dope. You will need 125 rounds of ammo and your rifle MUST be equipped with a sling and a bipod.

Prerequisite: Scoped Rifle Elements or Equivalent

Class date: 2018 TBA

Class Cost $150


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