Defensive Pistol: Introduction to Concealed Carry – 1 Day

Defensive Pistol: Introduction to Concealed Carry – 1 Day


In 2004, Ohio passed a state law authorizing qualified individuals to carry a concealed handgun for self-defense.  Current requirements to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun include being at least 21 years of age with no criminal history and completing a training course consisting of at least 8 hours of  training including 2 hours of range time.  Adaptive Defense Concepts’ Defensive Pistol: Introduction to Concealed Carry class fulfills these training requirements.


ADC002In addition to the required curriculum focusing on safety, responsible firearms ownership and basic marksmanship skills, this course includes information on other relevant topics such as:

  • Selecting a defensive firearm,
  • Types of ammunition,
  • Holsters and modes of carry,
  • Firearms handling skills,
  • Mindset and awareness,
  • Defensive shooting fundamentals,
  • Legal considerations.



If you do not yet own a pistol, it is suggested that you take this course prior to making a handgun purchase, as we will cover the various types of firearms available as well as caliber options.  The course fee is $150 per person, payable cash, check or money order with course registration. The course fee includes all training materials and the use of a variety of handguns to help you choose a firearm that fits your shooting abilities and lifestyle.




Next Class Dates: 2018 TBA

*Also taking reservations for private and small group classes.

Class Size: 8

Location: 2018 TBA


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