“Adaptive Defense Concepts has outstanding instructors and great classes. I can’t give these folks enough credit. If you are interested in more advanced classes, I would recommend them without hesitation.”

08/30/2015 Kyle C. (Close Quarters/Vehicle Defense)


“This was my first class with ADC, the instructors were very knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with.   All instructions were clear and easy to follow. The class had a lot to offer beginners and experienced shooters. I definitely plan on taking many more of ADC’s classes in the future.  The investment in time and money was well worth it!”

03/21/2015 Ray J. (Defensive Carbine Elements)


“The instructors at ADC were excellent.  The mix of safety, mindset, carry laws, and gun range instruction was superb.   I looked at other, lower cost classes, but after being referred to ADC I am glad I didn’t go for one of the cheaper ‘Bob’s fish, chips and concealed carry’ courses that are available out there.  Take my advice: pay the money and take the course and you’ll be glad you did!

I am looking forward to taking more advanced courses in the future.”

10/14/2014 Mike M. (Concealed Carry)


“I have taken several classes with ADC and they have always exceeded my expectations.  Safety is always the first priority.  The ADC staff are very professional and patient, offering clear and precise instruction.  In addition, the ADC staff are experienced and well-rounded with the ability to offer advice and training to meet the needs of the beginner or experienced shooter.”

09/29/2014 Craig F. (Concealed Carry, BR 101, Precision Rifle, Advanced Handgun)


“Taking this class really improved my handgun skills, and I am looking forward to the next opportunity I have to further improve my skills and learn more.  I enjoyed taking the class through ADC and would recommend them to anyone willing to learn no matter what skill level you are at.  I always learn something new every time I attend one of their classes, and have fun during the process.”

09/10/2014 Beth K. (BR101, Precision Rifle and Advanced Handgun)


“This was my first precision rifle class, and my first class with ADC; although I’ve taken numerous classes in firearms and defensive tactics from other schools and instructors over the years.  I feel that ADC Instructors’ experience in teaching, and knowledge of their subject, really stands out.  They have a lot to offer for beginners and experienced shooters both.”

07/14/2014 Malinda D. (Precision Rifle)


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